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Your relationship with D.A.B.N is important to us.  Our Support Consultants can make workplace visits and provide an overall business analysis including provision of information and advice on how to market your business to the Deaf Community.  We work collaboratively with Deaf consultants on language translation to ensure your business information is captured in a culturally accessible way.


D.A.B.N can actively market your business to the Deaf community and work with your organisation to do a complete analysis of your current marketing strategies.  As a premium partner, D.A.B.N can include your business information, an advertising banner, links to your website from the D.A.B.N website, and we can also be used to advertise job vacancies.

Our specialist staff can also provide information and advice on presenting and marketing your communications in a way that is more accessible to Deaf people and generally more inclusive to the wider community as a whole.

Presenting your communications in a more visual, accessible fashion means not only improved access for members of the Deaf community, but also other minimal English language users or people who have a reduced understanding of English for example:

  • People for whom English is a second language
  • People who have an intellectual disability
  • Elderly folk who have short term memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease
  • People who generally have a short attention span
  • People who have problems with concentration

Research has proven that visual information and communications are more easily processed, consolidated and retained at a much quicker pace by most people as a general rule.

Marketing can also include:

  • Recognition that your organisation is accessible to Deaf people by way of a “Deaf Accessible Business” logo that can be placed in the foyer/front office/window
  • Advertising on the D.A.B.N website for a length of time depending on your chosen package
  • Advertising to sites/areas that are frequently accessed or visited by members of the Deaf community
  • provision of a video presentation about your business in Auslan and including captioning so that it is accessible  by both the hearing and Deaf community
  • Use of the D.A.B.N logo at all sites within one state (Depending on your package level)
  • Regular updates to ensure information is in line with changing standards or new, innovative technology
  • Frequency of website hits/visitation data will be monitored and collected
  • Feedback will be sought with a view to improving/updating marketing strategies

Please note that services may not be included in some packages, however, extras can be provided separately.

Auslan Videos for Websites

Your website is often the first point of contact with potential consumers. It is imperative that your information is easily accessible in a culturally appropriate format for all clients.

Auslan Videoing

D.A.B.N will work with you to identify the key messages you wish to promote for your business.

Auslan translations will be filmed and can be displayed on your website on split screens or as an interpreter insert.

Our specialist staff works collaboratively with Deaf consultants to ensure your business information is captured in a culturally accessible way.

Your selection of preferred Auslan or Deaf Interpreter to appear on your website ensures that you can maintain the look and feel of your business and consistency with your current marketing strategies.